Fiction and Non-Fiction collections - 16th to 20th Centuries

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For decades, the company and its affiliates are engaged in Preservation & Access projects with unique content - collections in Archives, Libraries and Museums etc. Our Preservation activities includes analogue technics and digital technics. Our Access options - offline or online - includes non-print publications from Artworks, Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals etc., originally created or published in previous Centuries.

Our Publications comprises approx. 14,700 'Non-Print'-titles* (not including artworks) published in thousands of microfiches-titles with approx. 38,300 microfiches. On average each microfiche (either in diaco quality or in silverhaldi quality) contains  190 pages, of course with multiple page variations depending on the original work.

The ebook-collections comprises approx. 10,000 ebook-titles with millions of pages to do research in its contents in a way as it was never possible before.

All in all are on offer approx. 7,600,000 content pages from approx. 48,000 'physical' printed works (excluding artworks), originally published in the 16th / 17th / 18th / 19th / early 20th Centuries in various countries in Europe, and some 19th Century titles originally published in the USA.

The titles were written by approx. 6,160 female / male / anon. / pseudonym writers and additional hundreds of writers in Periodicals.

Here on our WEBsite the texts are written in English Language, French Language and German Language, because...

...23% of our titles* are written in English Language,

...25% of the titles are written in French Language,

...52% of the titles are written in German Language, 

...some few 19th Century titles - published in USA - are written in English Language and in German Language,

..187 titles are written in Latin Language,

...11 titles are written in Latin Language and in German Language.

During the last 500 years many Library-collections were destroyed. Or many Books / Pamphlets / Periodicals of the 19th & early 20th Centuries are 'physically' in a bad shape: dampness, mould, water stains, chemical paper-additives, printing-ink etc., all are negative reasons why the original works are damaged or even bridled. This means, there was / is an urgent need for preservation & access on 'Substitute-Media', otherwise contents would have been lost forever.

Our ebook pages appear in the same font, same design, same layout as in the original work. Many ebooks have full text searchable functions within the 'old' texts. the ebooks are organised / structured towards user's expectations of today, and in a way as it was not possible before.

The titles have been selected and subject-categorized by Scholars in Europe and the USA.

There are no title duplicates in / between the collections.

Electronic Bibliographic Records for microfiches-titles and ebook-titles are available.

From an ebook 'licensing' point of view, Universities / University Libraries have different options to get access into the ebook collections.

Our collections serves University Libraries  for collection purposes, and / or Academic Institutions / Faculties for lectures purposes and research projects.


Additional comments: 

*quantities of titles, writers, pages, genres, sections, sets, collections, media etc. can be changed from us without prior notice;

the wording 'title' means 'Bibliographic record', meaning one title contains the content from at least one ‘physical’ printed volume; it could also mean that one 'title' contains contents from more than one ‘physical’ printed volume ('Three deckers'), depending on the original work(s).

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