English Language Literature of the Romantic Period

ca.1,280 women / male / anon. writers:

3,250 titles with approx. 2,000,000 pages on microfiches and ebooks,

including approx. 900 titles with approx. 650,000 pages from 350 women writers.

Peter Garside wrote: Edition Corvey  "....has the capacity to transform our understanding of the fiction of the Romantic era,,,,,,[with] English Fiction, comprising over 2450 titles [originally published] between 1790 and 1834" (page 28 in: Peter Garside, James Raven, Rainer Schoewerling, The English Novel 1770 - 1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction published in the British Isles, Vol. II: 1800 - 1829, Oxord University Press, 2000, Oxford).

J. Raven wrote in 'The Times - Literary Supplement': „Corvey also eclipses the large special collections of early British novels at the universities of Bristol and Aberdeen, and of Pennsylvania and Illinois. It is a more impressive survival than even the astonishing Hammond circulating library, preserved almost completely at the New York Society Library in Manhattan.

Another Testimonial: "... the most concentrated source available worldwide for the Romantic Era" (P. Garside, University of Edinburgh).



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