English Language Literature of the Romantic Period

1,280 writers, 

3,260 titles with approx. 2,000,000 pages, available within Edition Corvey on microfiches,

and available in thousands of ebooks through our partner, such as 839 titles / 691,190 pages, written by 350 female writers (additional comment: only 170 English Language women writers were known before Edition Corvey titles were published which means, half of these Edition Corvey women writers were unknown to the scholarly and public community),

further 1,585 titles / 942,473 pages, written by male / anon. writers, are also avavailable as ebooks

electronic Bibliographic Records are available.

Most of the 'physical' printed books in this sub-collection with English Language Fictions, were published during the Romantic Period. And this unique collection contains the most comprehensive Novel-collection for this time period, which is available through these Non-Print titles;

this information could also be important for access & preservation reasons of own rare Library collections;

J. Raven wrote in "The Times - Literary Supplement": „Corvey also eclipses the large special collections of early British novels at the universities of Bristol and Aberdeen, and of Pennsylvania and Illinois. It is a more impressive survival than even the astonishing Hammond circulating library, preserved almost completely at the New York Society Library in Manhattan.

Professor Dr. P. Garside wrote: Edition Corvey "....has the capacity to transform our understanding of the fiction of the Romantic era,,,,,,[with] English Fiction, comprising over 2450 titles [originally published] between 1790 and 1834" (page 28 in: Peter Garside, James Raven, Rainer Schoewerling, The English Novel 1770 - 1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction published in the British Isles, Vol. II: 1800 - 1829, Oxford University Press, 2000, Oxford).

This "... most concentrated source available worldwide for the Romantic Era" (Professor Dr. Peter Garside, University of Edinburg) with English Language Literature of the 'Romantic Period', is sub-devided into sets with Literature-Genres as follows:

Novels in 564 titles, 521,318 p. by female writers / in 437 titles, 429,040 p. by male & anon. writers

National Fictions of the Romantic Period, for more details click at 'National Fictions', three sets with titles related to Ireland / to Scotland / to Wales,

'Gothic Novels', for more details click at 'Gothic Novels',

Short Stories in 32 titles, 23,556 p. by female writers / in 134 titles, 83,674 p. by male & anon. writers

Short Prose Forms, the quantity with women writers is included in the quantity for English women's Short Stories' / in 43 titles, 31,170 p. by male & anon. writers

Drama in 14 titles, 2,750 p. by female writers / in 289 titles, 58,930 p. by male & anon. writers

Poetry in 49 titles, 12,986 p. by female writers / in 325 itles, 90,075 p. by male & anon. writers

Anthologies in 14 titles, 7,404 p. by female writers / in 67 titles, 34,684 p. by male & anon. writers,

other genres in 8 titles, 3,628 p. by female writers / 88 titles, 56,824 p. by male & anon. writers, including Essays, Biographies, Memoirs, Travelogues, Childrens Books, Literary Periodicals

The difference in quantities in Drama and Poetry, written by women writers versus men / anonymous writers is astonishing - or maybe not.


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