Literature of the 17th / 18th / 19th Centuries

Approx. 4,047 authors, including ca. 730 women writers and hundreds of anonymous writers, 

9,572 titles with nearly 6,000,000 pages in Edition Corvey,

published on 28,202 microfiches and digitally in ebooks,

elektronic Bibliographic Records are available;


These Literature-titles are written in English Language (click at Fictions),

French Language (click at Belles-Lettres),

German Language (click at Belletristik).

The three Literature-collections – considered as ‘Filet of the Corvey Collections – are also organized into collections by their female / male/ anon. writers.

Another access-into these large Literature collections are Genres, such as Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama, Literature-Periodicals, Literature Biographies, Literature Memoirs, Anthologies, etc.

Most of the original printed works with English Language Fictions were produced during the British Romantic Period. It contains the most comprehensive Novel-collection for this time period and is available through our new Non-Print publications.

Also new are four English Language sets, just click at:

'Celtic Fiction' of the Romantic Period: three sets with titles, which are related to Ireland, related to Scotland and related to Wales,

Gothic Novels of the Romantic Period.



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