Literary works of the 17th / 18th / 19th Centuries

in English Language / French Language / German Language:

approx. 1,430 women writers / approx. 5,500 male & anon. writers,

approx. 9,570 titles with contents from approx. 28,000 'physical' books and 'physical' Literary - Periodicals,

approx. 6,000,000 pages, 

compiled in three language-collections and dozens of sub-collections,

published as Edition Corvey on 28,200 microfiches and digitally available in approx. 6,700 ebook - titles;

electronic Bibliographic Records are available.

The Corvey Castle Library is one of the most precious privately owned Library in Germany and is part of the ''Verzeichnis national wertvollen Kulturgutes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland".

Edition Corvey is structured as follows:

collection(s) with English Language Literature of the 'Romantic Period', click Fictions and / or National Fictions and / or Gothic Novels,

collection(s) en Langue française, click Belles-Lettres,

Sammlung(en) mit Deutschsprachiger Literatur 18. & 19. Jhrdt, click Belletristik.

Edition Corvey is considered as the Filet of Corvey Castle Library and is further structured into different layers - sub-collections - i.e with titles written by female writers and / or male writers and / or anon. writers.

Additional access options into this amazing comprehensive Literature collections (very comprehensive in its English Language collections of the 'Romantic Period') are titles which are subject categorized in Literature-Genres, such as


Short Stories 

Short Prose Forms




'other Genres' are Essays, Biographies, Memoirs, Literary Travelogues, Children's Books, Literary Periodicals.



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