Literature of the 17th / 18th / 19th Centuries

9,572 titles with approx. 6,000,000 pages, published on 28,202 microfiches or digital in ebooks, written by approx. 4,047 writers, including 730 female writers and hundreds of anonoumus writers.

These titles are in English Language (Fiction), French Language (Belles-Lettres) and German Language (Belletristik)

Especially English Fictions were collected during the Romantic Period, obviously previous collectors ignored Main Stream-opinion about Novels.

Our Literature collections are also known as the 'Filet of the Corvey Library'.

The three Language-collections themselves are sub-devided by female / male/ anon. writers and Literature-Genres, such as Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama, Anthologies, Literature-Periodicals, Biographies, Memoirs etc.

Furthermore we published another four English Language sets:

Rare Gothic Novels of the Romantic Period,

'Celtic Fiction' of the Romantic Period: the content in those titles are related to Ireland / to Scotland / to Wales, sometimes also named as 'National Fiction'..



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