Welcome to our new WEBsite.

after more than 22 years www.belser.com, we decided to use this new WEB-address for our new Homepage.

We introduced updated information about our approx. 14,700 'Non-Print'-titles*, published on microfiches or as ebooks. These 'new media'-titles contain the content from approx. 7,600,000 printed pages in approx. 40,000 'physical' old Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals etc., originally published Centuries ago. Many of the originals were/are in bad physical conditions, now these precious intellectual contents from the past are preserved to the world.

Our titles were written by approx. 6,160 female / male / anon. writers and hundreds of additional writers in historic 'physical' Periodicals.

Here on our Homepage, the texts are written in English Language, in French Language and in German Language, because...

...23% of our titles* are published in English Language,

...25% of our titles are published in French Language,

...52% of our titles are published in German Language.

And we published more than 150 titles in Latin Language.

Originally, the old 'physical' Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals were published in various countries in Europe during the 16th / 17th / 18th / 19th & early 20th Centuries.

Some 19th Century - titles in English and German Language, originally were published in the USA. Some German language titles were published during WWI times, only a few titles were published after the year 1930.

Our publications with contents from the 16th / 17th / 18th / 19th and early 20th Centuries, covers important time periods such as Baroque, French Revolution (1789 ff.), Enlightenment, Romantic Period, Victorian Period (England), Vormaerz, Biedermaier, 1848/49-Revolution etc.

Over Centuries, many important Library-collections were destroyed, i.e. in Europe during the Dreissigjaehrige Krieg (1618 - 1648) and other war times. After these horrible times, many Convent-Library-Collections - collected by women (Nuns) - were destroyed during the process of Secularisation (1804). Its Mainstream-opinion considered such Women-collections as not important and not precious enough, to preserve those for the future.

On the other hand, many Monastery-Library-Collections - collected by men (Monks) - were 'transferred' into State Libraries. The Mainstream-opinion considered such Men-collections as important, precious and 'Academic', in that way worthwhile, to preserve such Library-collections for the future.

Most of the Libraries containing our 'physical' titles, were/are owned privately. And because of that and other lucky circumstances, these Library-collections 'survived' sometimes over Centuries - and there was no public access.

Unfortunately, many Books / Pamphlets / Periodicals of the 19th & early 20th Centuries are 'physically' in a bad shape: dampness, chemical paper-additives and / or the 'printing-ink' are reasons, why its 'Original'-pages are 'bridled' ("Saeurefrass"). Subsequently, there was an urgent need for our 'Substitute-Media'-Publications on microfiches or in ebooks.

In this way - and before it was / is too late - we preserved the valuable contents in the Originals onto microfiches and / or ebooks , thus providing access for generations of Readers and Scholars and Librarians to come to valuable Intellectual resources. Furthermore -and as an advantage - the 'Originals' are preserved!

Altogether, we published 38,300 microfiches (on average, each microfiche contains 190 full text-pages) and / or published millions of pages in thousands of ebooks.

Our ebooks are structured in user's understanding of nowadays and expectations. And - interesting - many of them have full text searchable-functions in the old original texts.

In this way, our ebooks offer new options, to do research as it was never possible before the 'Digital Age.'

From a 'technical' and 'licensed' point of view, there are different digital options to acquire our ebook-collections:

some digital collections are available for usage in standalone-units;

other digital collections are available for downloading onto a University's digital server, thus providing online access through the University for authorized University-users within a defined University network or even a University-Consortia;

some other digital collections are available through our partners.

The titles in our collections have been selected (within the original collection) and subject-categorized by University-Librarians and -Scholars in Europe and the USA.

Electronic Bibliographic Records for our microfiches-titles or ebook-titles were catalogued by University-Librarians in University-Libraries in Europe and USA.

Since 25 May 2018, in the European Union (EU) exists a new 'Private Data Protection Regulation'-law, even legal experts are confused about this new legal 'Framework'. Because of this additional EU-burden, we decided to delete our Contact-page here on this Website. We do not own / run the 'technical' part of this Website meaning hardware (digital server), software etc. We do neither count nor collect the visitor's data on this WEBsite, these are 'Simplesite'-data. We own the Intellectual Part - meaning the texts, photos, layouts, designs, ideas etc. here on this Webpages.

In other words, instead to provide such an online 'Contact'-page, simply send us a 'physical letter' to our Postal-address in Ireland.


Additional comments: 

*quantities of titles, writers, pages, genres, sections, collections, media etc. can be changed from us without prior notice to the public;

the wording 'title' means 'Bibliographic record', meaning one title contains the content from at least one ‘physical’ volume, in many cases from several ‘physical’ volumes - depending on its Original;

our wording 'writers' and / or 'authors' / 'Autoren ' means female writers / male writers / anon. writers;

there are no title-duplications in each of our collections or sections and / or in-between.


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